Jamison Alexander, D.O., F.A.C.O.G.

Misty Nobles, PA-C

"Dr. Alexander was so wonderful to me and baby Saybre, I just wanna say thank you very much."

   -L. Hampton  12/7/16

"Dr.Alexander and his staff are some of the best people you could ever come in contact with. He did a fantastic job during our pregnancy and an awesome job with the delivery. If you are looking for a Dr this man and his nurses are the the best you could ask for  :) thank you again a million times from our little family."

​   -J. Conary  ​​12/5/16

 "Thank you for always going above and beyond. I couldn't imagine having anyone else care for me and my babies! You were absolutely wonderful throughout both of my pregnancies. You and your staff are phenomenal."

    -M. Kelso  10/26/16

"Everyone up there is just all around amazing. I love it there. And this is my first pregnancy"
     -M. Sampson  10/20/16

"Love love Dr.Alexander he delivered my daughter and I ALWAYS saw him, he always asked questions each time and seemed very concerned and very caring with his patients I would highly recommend him to anyone!!"
    -A. Hammer  10/15/16

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Alexander and his staff as they took amazing care of me through both of my pregnancies. We were always treated wonderful and he always took time to explain anything we had a question about or any concerns we had."
    -A. Foster  10/13/16

"Dr Alexander is my absolute favorite doctor EVER, i brag on him at least a few times a week. The staff is also so amazing! It's really hard to come across both an amazing staff and Doctor. You couldn't PAY me to see anyone else!"
    -C.Taylor  10/10/16

"We were so blessed to have Dr. Alexander deliver our sweet baby. I am VERY high maintenance but he and his staff went above and beyond to make my pregnancy and delivery as smooth as possible. Anytime I called worried during my pregnancy, I got a personal call from Dr. Alexander to make sure that I was okay (isn't that amazing?!) We LOVE Dr. Alexander and his staff and look forward many more years with them  💕 thank you so much!"
    -M. Greenwood  10/2/16

"Dr. Alexander and his staff are amazing. He was my OB for my first (and last) pregnancy. I was high risk at the start and had added complications along the way. He was very patient with me and all of my questions, he never talked down to me, and was very supportive. He always took the time to explain everything that was going on and always tried to make things easier for us. I honestly believe that if not for Dr. Alexander, my pregnancy would not have ended with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. He helped me with a few hard decisions, and always had our best interests at heart. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Alexander and his staff. They all make you feel like a person, not just a patient."
    -C. Lair  9/12/16

"Ezra and I were so lucky to have amazing care throughout my pregnancy from all the complications to the constant throwing up and even after birth from dr. Alexander we couldn't have asked for a more blessed doctor and baby thank you so much!"
    -W. Schultz  8/16/16

"He is an amazing doctor and I will go back to him for my future children."
   -C. Woodard  7/29/16

"Truly an amazing OB-GYN! He is the most thorough doctor I have ever had. He has taken care of me in my worst and in my best days! Thanks Dr. A and all of your staff!!!"
   -C. Johnson  7/4/16

"Always friendly, very personable, and cares for patients! Highly recommend!"
   -J. Godsey  6/21/16

"He was absolutely amazing. He went well above his job. I truly appreciate everything he did for me and my child! The staff was amazing for every visit. He is very intelligent and informative."
    -J. Bruce  6/1/16

"Our family is extremely grateful for all the care provider by Dr. A and his staff!"
    -A. Kennon  5/24/16

"Dr.Alexander is an amazing doctor and has a great staff."
   -J. Hennen  5/24/16

"Best doctor, couldn't ask for better doctor or nurses love y'all  😍.. Serenity says thanks for making sure she was healthy!!!!"
    -C. Sellers  3/1/16

"I cannot say enough how incredibly talented, caring, and devoted Dr. Alexander is along with his staff. Thank you so much for helping bring our beautiful baby boy into this world!!"
    -M. Baker  12/24/15

"Absolutely love Dr. Alexander and his staff. They are amazing!!"
    -L. Williams 10/28/15

"Its been a little over 2 months since my little guy came and im still so very grateful for the care and precautions you took to help me get him here. Thank you"
    -M. Stephens  10/11/15

"Had such a wonderful experience throughout my entire pregnancy. He makes you feel comfortable and you ALWAYS see HIM. He listens to you and cares how you feel! I would most definitely be using Dr . Alexander for my next child! Delivery I also had the same experience! Wonderful doctor and he has a wonderful staff that takes great care of you and your baby!!"
    -A. Odum  10/11/15

"Honestly words can't express my gratitude for you and your wonderful staff! Thank you to you and all the ladies for making my pregnancy and delivery wonderful!"
    -A. Odum  10/10/15

"I loved him. He so caring, polite, sweet, and treats u like his own. And all his nurses! Im glad he was part of my pregnancy n delivered my beautiful son he is by far the best and would recommend him to anyone around this area and everywhere else."
    -T. Medler  9/29/15

"Dr. Alexander and his staff are amazing! We have a pleasant experience every time we have an appointment. I will definitely be recommending his office to anyone searching for a doctor!"
    -C. Boothe  9/17/15

"Thank you so much Dr. Alexander & of course to your staff! Yall are one great team, & definitely recommend anyone to yall. I'm one happy first time mommy"
    -E. Lopez  9/17/15

"So excited for my second appointment tomorrow. Dr.Alexander and his staff are amazing! I live in Oklahoma but the drive is definitely worth it. I like how he talks to you like your concerns and questions matter. His staff doesnt act like I'm crazy when I ask a question. Will definitely use him after the baby is born."
    -C. Favors  9/2/15

"Thank you Dr. Alexander and your staff for the amazing care during both of my pregnancies! I wouldn't recommend anyone else for prenatal care."
    -S. Stonebarger  7/12/15

"Wanted to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for taking care of my wife and little dude for the past nine months. It's always easier going into something this huge when you have someone you've grown to trust 100% behind the wheel."
    -T. Sexton  7/6/15

"He's the absolute best ; and the staff is amazing . so glad Dr Alexander gets to cut my 3rd child out of me Lol"
    -T. Hughes  6/30/15

"THE BEST and I would HIGHLY recommend them! Dr. Alexander is very professional and made me feel completely at ease during my pregnancy and delivery. I never felt like I was an inconvenience when I had a question or concern. Tracie and Kim are absolute sweethearts! I will definitely miss my monthly/weekly visits and wish I had lived in the area during my other two pregnancies. THANK YOU very much for everything!"
    -N. Chambers  6/11/15

"He was by far the best dr I've come across! Made me feel comfortable with being a first time mom!"
    -S. Pierce  5/9/15

"Such a great Dr. Delivered my first and will my second! I recommend him to everyone I can! The staff has always been nice and I love Jessica."
   -J. Gagliardi  3/31/15

"Couldn't ask for a better OBGYN during our first pregnancy! Dr. Alexander and his staff treat their patients like family."
   -K. Wilson  3/24/15

"Thank you, Dr. Alexander, his staff, and the wonderful nurses on Floor 3 at TMC. If there is anything I have learned during this pregnancy it's that nothing goes as planned, but God is ultimately in control. I can't thank Dr. Alexander and his team enough for helping me bring Emelia into this world safely. It was a long, bumpy road, but we made it and she is absolutely perfect."
    -M. Dodd  3/21/15

"We would like to give a big Thank you to Dr.Alexander, for delivering our beautiful baby boy March 18, 2015 at TMC. He weighed 8lbs 2 1/2oz , and 21 1/4 inches long. He is a very caring, honest and trustworthy doctor, and I would use him again, if I ever needed to. His staff was very friendly and caring as well."
   -A Barerra  3/19/15

"Throughout this entire pregnancy nothing has seemed to go as "planned." From start until now, but my wife and I can confidently say that it is thanks to Dr. Alexander, his staff, and the staff here at TMC that our daughter has made it safely into this world, a little early, but she is here and being cared for greatly. Thank you all."
    -C. Dodd  3/16/15

"It's super late. But we wanted to thank Dr.Alexander and his staff for the amazing care we received."
    -H. Jones  1/22/15

"Thank you, Dr. Alexander and staff, for taking such great care of us!"
   -L. Shields 1/11/15

"Love love love his office and Dr Alexander is an amazing dr thank y'all!"
    -M. Evans  11/25/14

"Thanks to an amazing Dr and nurses I got to celebrate my daughter's first birthday!! I thought I would never see this day come and here it is!! Thank y'all so much it was a true blessing!!!"
    -M. Guevara  11/9/14

"Very patient, and helpful on questions. He is such a great Dr.! And thats a fact not an opinion!"
    -M. Mathis  10/7/14, 11/15/14

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing nurses for the great care given throughout my pregnancy and even after! I recommend you to everyone!"
    -K. Leathers  10/1/14

"Dr Alexander was an amazing dr and did what he knew best bringing her safely into this world. We are very thankful for his wonderful staff as well. Thank you!!"
    -M. Flores  9/16/14

"Can't thank Dr Alexander and staff enough for the excellent care of me and baby Emma. She is a answer to many prayers. God bless each and every one of y'all."
    -M. Hays  9/8/14

"What a wonderful doctor. I am the grandparent of one of his deliveries. He is always looking out for what is best for the mother as well as the child. Thank you from myself as well as my grandson"
    -S. Matthews  9/1/14

"I just want to thank you for being such an amazing doctor and saving his life on this day 3 years ago. He sure gave us all a big scare the day he was born, but I'm so happy to report that he is a healthy and happy little boy today."
    -A. Giles  7/29/14

"I wanted to thank Dr. Alexander and his amazing staff for helping me through my pregnancy and delivery of our sweet baby girl Leah. I recommend him and his staff to everyone I know. Leah is a week old today, growing more beautiful and strong each day. Thank you!"
    -A. Wolf 7/23/14

"I can't imagine our little bundle of joy's birth story without Dr Alexander & staff!!! He kept me calm & comfortable while holding mine & baby's safety above all else. 
We are so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Alexander!"
    -C. Adams  7/21/14

"Words are not enough to express how thankful we are for the care Dr Alexander and his office provided during the course of my pregnancy and then the delivery of our beautiful little girl this morning. Thank you so very much for everything you did to make sure we had our healthy little girl"
    -C. Hayes  7/16/14

"Twins!!! I am so grateful to have had an AWESOME doctor deliver them vaginally!!!! He is the BEST y'all!  (: thanks so much Dr. Alexander and all the sweet nurses!!!"
    -K. Mrozinski  7/2/14

"Forever thankful to the wonderful Dr. Alexander for delivering our sweet miracle boy! We feel so blessed and couldn't have asked for a better doctor!"
    -A. Gilbert  7/2/14

"THANK you Dr Alexander for being such a wonderful doctor"
    -T. Huffman  6/17/14

"Dr Alexander is an amazing ob! He was the only office that would see me when i lost my first pregnancy at 6 weeks. I felt blessed to have a dr that walked through the process with me. He then delivered my first daughter in May 2013 and is currently my Ob for my 2nd daughter due Aug 2014! I couldnt ask for a better dr! Such good bedside tables and pays attention to all your needs as a patient!"
    -K. Vincent  6/1/14

"Thanks to this amazing team I am getting to watch my babygirl grow!! 6 months old and I am loving every moment"
    -M. Guevara  5/13/14

"Thanks to Dr. Alexanders great expertise and intuition these beautiful twincesses have made it 10 months, survivors of undetected TTTS and TAPS. Thank you Doc I send all my friends your way"
    -A. Mathre  5/17/14

"I'm so glad I chose him and his staff. They ended up feeling like family to me. I recommend everyone to you guys. I got to experience the best thing in the world with such kind hearted people. I cried when I left the office for the last time knowing I won't be seeing you guys like I was the last 9 months. I thank all of you for everything!"
    -T. Lopez  4/22/14

"This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I'm suprised that at every appointment, that it's Dr.Alexander I see. The last 2 pregnancies were pushed on to nurse practioners, saw my ob maybe 4 times through out the whole 9 months. It means alot!"
    -H. Jones  4/14/14

"I can't thank Dr Alexander and his staff enough for helping me have a wonderful pregnancy and amazing delivery experience. My son is now almost 3 months old and the happiest baby on earth. Thank you so much!"
    -M. Dodd  4/7/14

"Thank y'all so much for helping me bring Madilyn into the world. Love y'all!!!!!"
    -A. Chandler  4/7/14

"Awesome OBGYN!"
    -N. Noel  3/29/14

"Dr. Alexander and his team are so incredibly wonderful and caring. I had to go on emergency bed rest at a Dallas hospital, and Dr. Alexander has called several times a week to check in with us and give us encouragement ! I highly recommend him to all of my friends! Thank you Dr. Alexander & team!!"
    -A. Gilbert  3/29/14

"6 weeks ago, I know Dr. Alexander would rather have been able to spend Valentine's Day at home with his family. But instead, it was delivering the best Valentine's Day gift I could have asked for!! Thank you so much for everything you've done!! I plan on seeing you for the rest of my pregnancies to come!"
    -L. Bomsburger  3/28/14

"Thank you for allowing me to make sure I had such a healthy baby"
    -D. Hume  3/24/14

"Dr. Alexander and his staff were and are amazing!"
    -L Bogard  2/27/14

"Thanks so much Dr. Alexander for helping me get thru labor. You're a life saver!"
    -O. Eleby  2/18/14

"Just wanted to say thank you and your staff for everything yall did for me and kaleb! We are doing great! Miss all of yall!!!"
    -J. Wasson  2/18/14

"I love him and all the nurses. They are all so helpful. My pregnancy went great and when i had a question or concern they were right there to answer it. Definitely recommend using him."
    -T. Cole   1/31/14

"Love this office...my second son was born in November and Dr Alexander is the best I would recommend him to everyone..the girls are awesome just like a big family"
    -C. McMillin  1/31/14

"Love love the staff!!!! Dr. Alexander is an amazing dr. Made me feel comfortable and confident and at peace. Very straight forward and honest, I had a slight issue delivering my angel and he made me feel comfortable and safe. I would recommend him to everyone."
    -A. Chandler  1/30/14

"Thank you Dr. Alexander for giving us our Tessa Monster your a wonderful doctor and a outstanding guy couldn't have asked for anything better from yall"
    -A. Cardenas  1/28/14

"Thank you Dr.Alexander for taking such good care of me and the twins during my pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. You and your staff were so nice to work with!"
    -M. Simulescu  1/28/14

"Dr Alexander is very professional and made me feel very comfortable even though it was my first baby! He and his nurses take the time to listen and answer your questions. Couldn't have asked for better!"
    -W. Lawson  12/22/13

"Greatest doctor and staff.very respectful and understanding"
    -A. Nash  11/27/13

"Thank you for all you have done to get my little boy here safe and sound!!"
    -C. Haywood  11/19/13

"Thank you Dr. Alexander for making a decision that saved our babies who are now survivors of Twin to twin transfusion syndrome and Twin Anemia Polycythemia syndrome"
    -A. Mathre  11/19/13

"Id like to thank u for delivering, my daughter n my son! It must feel amazing being the one to bring these babies into this world."
    -J. Fulenchek  11/13/13 

"Compassionate, caring doctor. Would recommend him for anyone looking for a OB/GYN"
    -S. Thomas  11/10/13

"Love him and the staff great people"
    -A. Cardenas  11/8/13

"I've been so lucky to work with Dr. Alexander for a little over a year. He is professional, kind and a dear friend. He has delivered both of my grandsons. Our most recent grandson's situation was very unique. I am so thankful that Dr. Alexander was able to share in our magical moment. Thank you so much for all you have done for our family - - we LOVE you!!!"
    -R. Padua  11/6/13

"Love him Jessica and Tracy! Plus all the other nurses(: I'm glad you were apart of my pregnancy!"
    -M. Flores  11/6/13

"I couldn't have picked a better OB than Dr. Alexander! He has made me feel completely comfortable every step of the way, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else and getting any better treatment! The staff is amazing, and so nice!! I want to say a huge thanks to all of them for everything they have done so far, and everything they will do, to make my first pregnancy an awesome one and keep it going great!!"
    -L. Bomsburger  11/5/13

"My sweet baby is almost 7 weeks old and im so happy that I decided to switch to Dr. Jamison Alexander, D.O. when i was 20 weeks pregnant. They always treated me great and helped me with any question or problem i had. Thank yall for making my first pregnancy an experiece i will never forget."
    -P. Foreman  11/5/13

"We LOVE Dr. Alexander and his staff!! The best!!"
    -L. Henderson  11/2/13

"BEST DOCTOR EVER !!!!!!! Cares about his patients and babies. You wont find another Dr. Like him, a true professional !!!!!! His Staff goes above and beyond too !!!!!!!!!"
    -L. Russell  11/1/13
"Great staff and doctor!!!"
    -B. Williamson  11/1/13

"Dr Alexander is fantastic! His mannerism, care, professionalism, thoroughness, and dedication to his patients is undeniably the best I've seen. His staff is friendly and attentive. I feel very privileged to work with him, and also be his patient. I've worked 9 years in the medical field, and he is hands down who I trust the most. I couldn't imagine having any other doctor delivering my future children. And I look forward to continue working with him delivering beautiful babies!"
    -A. Carey  11/1/13

"Worlds best doctor. I miss seeing y'all!"
    -N. Sullivan  11/1/13

"Loved my whole experience through Dr. Alexander. His staff is amazing. I never had an issue. Dr. Alexander made my experience so stress free. I'm so thankful for him and his office staff! I would highly recommend him to anyone."
    -M. Kelso  11/1/13